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Elena Grot
Kleine Liebchen

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Hello! I am very happy to welcome you to my shop "Kleine Liebchen".
My name is Elena. I am a bear artist and I am from Germany.
My bears are made of wool and mohair since 2015 and are unique with their own certificate.
I am the winner European Championship - 2016.
My bears are pure craftsmanship and are made with lots of love and soul.
Hope you will find what you are looking for!
Sincerely yours, Elena.

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Miniature Bear Niki
3.9" (9.9 cm)
$53.81 USD

3 days ago 

Miniature Bear Leo
3.5" (8.9 cm)
$53.81 USD

4 days ago 

Miniature Bear Roberto
3.1" (7.9 cm)
$53.81 USD

5 days ago 

Hedgehog amanita
3½" (8.8 cm)
$53.81 USD

12 days ago 

Teddy bear pumpkin
5½" (13.9 cm)
$71.75 USD

13 days ago 

Miniature bear "Acorn"
2.5" (6.5 cm)


16 days ago 

Teddy onion
7" (17.7 cm)
$77.72 USD

17 days ago 

Bear gardener
5.3" (13.4 cm)


17 days ago 

Brchen Fischer
5.3" (13.4 cm)


17 days ago